Board of Directors

Chris Surfus, MBA, MPA, Ph.D. Candidate



Katie Pabich

Vice President for Membership


Dr. Thomas Greitens, Ph.D.

Vice President for Programs


Dr. David Winder, Ph.D.



David Winder has served on the MiCAP Board for several years.  He has been active in planning the use of facilities for MiCAP conferences held at the Eberhard Center of Grand Valley State University and at the Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in Lansing.  David is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Valdosta State University, which is located in Georgia.  He has also taught as a visiting professor at Michigan State University and at the University of Kentucky.  His teaching duties included teaching off-campus MPA courses at Navy and Air Force bases in Georgia.  His research area is the state executive branch of government, including governors, lieutenant governors, and state attorneys general. He has a Ph. D. degree in political science from Michigan State University and an MPA from Wayne State University.


Wesley Priem, MPA



Dr. Veronica Johnson, Ph.D.

Board Member At-Large


Chad Rogers, MPA

Board Member At-Large


Dana Samuel, MPA

Board Member At-Large